Titan Tournaments



*New to 2024: All players must age up one calendar year starting with tournaments held on or after August 7th*

Whatever age group you’ll be playing in for spring of 2025 based on the age requirements listed below is the age group you’ll be playing in fall of 2024.

Age Requirement Date is April 28th of the current year (come fall of 2024, current year means 2025).

– Example of what’s within the rules and what’s not:

10U Division: Players who are 10 years old and don’t turn 11 until April 29th or later are eligible. Grade/age exception: Players who turn 11 on or before April 28th are ineligible unless they are in the 4th grade. Any player playing under the grade/age exception who turns 12 on or before September 1st is ineligible.

Please click the document below to view the rules that will be used for all Titan baseball tournaments. The online version of the rule book will supersede any printed versions.

*We will default to National Federation of High School rules for anything that’s not covered in our rule book*

13U and older – metal cleats are allowed, but not on artificial mounds.

13U Bat Rule – Drop 8 is the maximum drop allowed.