Titan Tournaments


It is our goal to host fun and exciting tournaments for teams of all ages and skill levels.

We offer a variety of 1 day and 2 day tournaments, and we may occasionally mix in a 3 day tournament.

We will plan to offer a Sunday Bible Message at our tournaments that have games on Sunday. If a tournament overflows into multiple venues, we may not have one at every venue, but we will try to. Please check under game times and scores for details on the time and location.

Most of our tournaments will be offered in one of the following formats:

2 seeding games, followed by single elimination bracket play 
3 seeding games, followed by single elimination bracket play 
4 seeding games, followed by single elimination bracket play

All of our events will offer team and individual awards for 1st and 2nd place.

Thanks for your interest in Titan Tournaments!

Hope to see you on the dirt!


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