Titan Tournaments

Baseball Performance & Points Standings


Performance Standings for each team that plays Titan will keep up with Wins, Losses, Ties, Winning Percentage, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Run Differential, Points from 1st place finishes, Points from 2nd place finishes, Points from 3rd place finishes, and Total Points.

Participating = 10 points/ Win = 10 points/ Tie = 5 points 

3rd place = 20 points/ 2nd place = 40 points/ 1st place = 60 points

Across the bottom of the excel spreadsheet you will find a tab for each individual age group. Within each tab you’ll find the above information to help you know how each team is performing in Titan Tournaments..

We will update the performance standings weekly.

Points updated thru April 27-28, 2024.